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Noonan Linehan Carroll Coffey, Solicitors, 54 North Main Street, Cork Tel:  00353 21 4270518   Fax:  00353 21 4270518   Email:



At your first consultation, we will discuss the question of fees with you.   If possible, where the legal task is clearly defined and quantifiable, we will give you a written estimate of the likely professional fee you will incur.  This is usually possible when buying and selling property, drafting wills and enduring powers of attorney, and doing probate work.

With other matters, we may not be able to give you a precise fee quote at the outset as the extent of the work involved may not yet be clear.   In many cases, the work we do involves spending time considering your particular situation, researching the relevant law,  assembling information,  drafting appropriate documents and letters, corresponding and negotiating with other solicitors, and dealing with state agencies and the Courts.    It is not always possible to anticipate how things will progress or how much time our work will take.

In these circumstances, we will advise you of the different factors which will impact on the cost of the work to be done and we may quote you an hourly rate for our professional fees.    It may be that we will need to engage expert witnesses and counsel on your behalf.   If so, we will tell you this.    If possible, we will indicate likely minimum and maximum costs and we may seek a payment from you at the outset on account of costs.

We will confirm to you in writing the information we have given to you in relation to fees, and we will keep you advised of any changes in this regard as matters progress.

Please note that professional legal fees are subject to VAT @ 23%


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