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Noonan Linehan Carroll Coffey, Solicitors, 54 North Main Street, Cork Tel:  00353 21 4270518   Fax:  00353 21 4270518   Email:



Wills are vital documents. If you need to make or change your will, we will be glad to assist you.   Many of us shy away from making a will.  We imagine it will be a difficult and complex task.   However, making a will can be a relatively painless exercise, with the appropriate legal advice and assistance. We will advise you on your legal obligations to your family members, as well as the likely tax implications of your plans.   If you have a child or children, you will need to consider the appointment of guardians.  And remember, a will is never set in stone.  You can always change your will as the circumstances of your life change over time.

If you are the survivor of someone who has died, we will advise you on your rights and obligations in respect of the deceased’s estate.    If the deceased left a will appointing you executor, we can assist you in having the will officially recognised and in getting a Grant of Probate authorising you to act as personal representative.   If the deceased died without leaving a will, you will need a Grant of Letters of Administration, and we can deal with this also on your behalf.    When the appropriate Grant has been obtained, we will gather in the assets of the estate and represent you in the distribution of these assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with law.   We will also advise you on the inheritance tax issues arising in relation to the estate.

Enduring Power of Attorney
An enduring power of attorney is a legal method of nominating the person/s you would wish to deal with your affairs, and perhaps look after you, in the event that you become incapacitated while you are still alive.    The enduring power of attorney is a useful tool for people who have reason to believe that they may suffer an incapacitating illness in the future.  By creating an enduring power of attorney, then if and when they become incapacitated, the person/s of their choice will have proper legal authority to deal with their property for their benefit.     We can advise and assist you in the preparation and completion of an enduring power of attorney.

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